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Think about the balance between work and home life you want and decide your boundaries.This will vary from person to person and according to the culture at your workplace.By the end of the trip, I had taken about 700 photos and videos with my i Phone 8 Plus over 11 days compared to the 30-or-so I did with my Sony. All I had to do was select the pics and videos and then toss them into an album and invite them to access the high-res files. I could go on and on in detail about all the small ways the i Phone 8 Plus is a more convenient camera — like how it fits in places regular cameras can't, or how much better battery life is, or how great it is to be able to edit photos on the go — but I'll spare you. Being the camera nerd that I am, I always thought that my trusty camera would be by my side wherever I traveled.One thing became very clear as I soaked in Japan: The i Phone 8 Plus is now my favorite camera to shoot with. When you're walking 10 miles a day like I did because you want to see as much as you can, the last thing you want is extra weight in your backpack. I convinced myself that I could get the best photos shooting with my Sony. I literally got in a deer's face at Nara Park and the result were photos and videos that are more raw and genuinely memorable to look at now that the vacation's over. Perhaps, these photos and videos (all unedited) I shot might change your mind. And my trip was infinitely better because I left the Sony in my suitcase. On a recent two-week vacation to Japan (my first time, and, yes, it was amazing if you must know), I finally ditched my "real" camera, a Sony A6300 interchangeable lens camera I bought about two years ago, and replaced it with the i Phone 8 Plus.Since the launch of the i Phone, smartphones have slowly murdered cameras. #timelapse #shotoniphone #jj_architecture #creative_architecture #arkiromantix #tv_architectural #lookingup_architecture #unlimitedcities #arquitecturamx #excellent_structure #sky_high_architecture #architecture_greatshots #minimal_lookup #diagonal_symmetry #art_chitecture_ #tv_leadinglines #rustlord_archdesign #srs_buildings #ptk_architecture #archi_features #architectonics_world #skyscraping_architecture #icu_architecture #igersjp #tokyocameraclub #team_jp_ #team_jp #icu_japan #explorejapan #shibuya A post shared by raymond wong (@sourlemons) on But more important to me was shooting slow-motion and timelapses, and doing so quickly before the moment was gone.The point-and-shoot has all but died at the hands of the glass slabs we now hold so near and dear. It's a simple swipe to change modes on the i Phone and a complete mess of convoluted settings and on real cameras.

In this instance the employer should involve the police.If an employee isn’t performing well in a job, it’s reasonable to ask if there’s a cause in the employee’s personal life.Employers should also only contact referees given by an applicant.When hiring staff employers need to make sure they protect the privacy of job applicants.

There are questions employers should avoid asking because it could lead to discrimination, eg: An employer may ask if there’s anything that would prevent an employee carrying out the full duties of the job.

The employer may take appropriate steps to minimise the conflict such as moving the employee to a different team.