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29-Aug-2020 19:00

Sipping from a big cup of iced tea, Renea handed Phil a stack of pictures to scan and post of men and women looking for pen pals.The posts, which cost for three months, typically feature a few photos — often shirtless — and bios that read like dating classifieds (“I’m a very fun and exciting person to be around!

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Other sites, like Black and Pink, which calls for abolishing prisons, frame communication with prisoners as a kind of political work.

Renea’s theory about her own site is fairly basic: women like “bad boys,” and some women (including her) are particularly empathetic to men who society has shut away. One wrote in his profile: “I can't wait to hear from a sexy lady with a big booty.” Another: “My best feature is 11 inches, uncircumcised.” Renea interprets such talk as evidence that their romantic side has atrophied in prison.